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Activate Tag

Video Business
  1. Scan unactivated NFC tag.
  2. Enter your email, name and other details to activate.
  3. Place tag on the back of your phone (we recommend to place it in the very bottom).
  4. Add photo and necessary contacts and links to your profile.
  5. Enjoy carbon-neutral business cards exchange!
Custom Tag Design
Custom Tag Design

Get Custom NFC business cards in a form of a sticker

Share Your Contacts & Collect Leads

Video Office
  1. Hold your phone against NFC-enabled phone of your peer.
  2. Immediately or after 1-5 seconds phone will read NFC tag and will open page of digital business card.
  3. All your public links will be available as well as download option to Contact Book or Wallet.
  4. Submit email address to exchange details and get leads directly to your Tabee CRM.
  5. Update your public contacts if needed and notify your peers!
Director Sales, EER
Director Sales, EER

Adjust GmbH

I am actively using Tabee NFC Cards since the very beta and as I am visiting many conferences it makes me believe that this tool is mandatory to have. On top of Digital Business Cards functionality the app has advanced features and free OCR which is truly unique and I can not imagine my life without it anymore.