Showcase: Tabee Brings Contactless Future to Business Cards

Bring your phone closer to Tabee NFC tag to activate your modern identity. Create branded corporate profile and add links to all known social networks, personal web site or any other custom link.

Tabee Business Card supports official Tabee NFC tags as well as any other programmable tags.

  • You can buy official Tabee tag with free annual replacement for PRO users;
  • Buy any writable NFC tag next to you or online and sign it with Tabee application; 

What is Tabee?

Our story began from the idea of creating contacts management solution and tool for paper business cards recognition with an ability to add this contacts to our CRM—as we never wanted to put them to trash them as others do.

So we've created the app which has evolved into the cross-platform digital identity and NFC business card solution with direct CRM integrations, to-do notification management tool and powerful contact and relationship systematisation utility.

Activating Your Card

To activate please hold your mobile phone with enabled NFC next to your business card - sometimes iPhones requires to hold it for a few seconds next to the NFC reader located in the Top of your phone.

Smartphones support

Tabee Business Card is recognisable with a simple tap of any modern iOS & Android smartphones with NFC reader enabled. If NFC is not enabled at the device you can just give to scan your QR code in the app or your Tabee Wallet Card.

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Access on Web & Mobile

To use Tabee NFC Solutions you are not required to have an app installed, however the app is empowering your business card with a CRM functionality such as contacts enchantment, powerful reminders, attachments and email tracking functionality. Tabee app is also providing you with a unique text recognition (OCR) feature for legacy printed business cards scanning.

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Original Design

Tabee Tags can be used within your team or be a great gift for your clients. You can request our enterprise sales team to contact you and give you detailed overview of Tabee corporate offerings.

Original Tabee stickers are made in the form of 3 centimetres radius tags with embedded NFC. For the better efficiency you need to first activate your empty tag and stick it to your phone. For iPhones it is better to stick it to the bottom of the device, for Android devices you need to stick it outside the area of your NFC reader, which might be either in the center or top side of your phone.

Contact & Lead Form

Using Tabee you would not only have an easy way to share your contacts and social profiles—you would also have your personal lead form where anyone can submit their own contacts directly to you and your CRM. No need to scan and manually recognise paper business cards any longer.

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Personalised Design

Original Tabee NFC tags are made in beautiful design and can be also branded upon your request. Our client’s profiles are subject of moderation and each page can be customised. Your digital card support light and dark themes of your phone as well as your corporate styles.

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