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Tabee - Digital Business Cards

Custom Tags - Tabee NFC Business Card (Tag)

Custom Tags - Tabee NFC Business Card (Tag)

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Style and Quantity
Custom NFC Tags for your team, with your logo,
Each of order would be created together with you on your design guidelines within tech requirements. Basic packaging and free ground shipment is included.


We've just devalued printed Business cards — Tabee is the most efficient way to share your business contacts in innovative and carbon-free way.

How? To share your info just tap your Tabee NFC identity to someone's phone.

With your Tabee NFC identity you can instantly share:
+ Contact info
+ Social profiles
+ Websites
+ Addresses
+ Referral links
... and more (we support all social profiles, globally)

You and the other person doesn't need a Tabee app or an active premium subscription to share and receive an info!

Type: Sticker/Button
Battery Lifetime: 5 years
Supported Surface for reading: Plastic, Metal, Organic
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