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© 2021 Tabee
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© 2021 Tabee

At Tabee Networking Limited, we pride ourselves on durability and quality; you can be assured products supplied by us is of the best quality all around as the world’s leading contactless business card provider and integrated CRM. Tabee is here for you to provide complete peace of mind.

Replacements will be a like for like product or similar specification up to a maximum of your original product purchase price paid in the rear occasion a purchased product is discontinued.

If you have a product that is no longer available, we shall provide you with the next equivalent at no further cost.

What is covered?

Important Information

This is not an insurance policy and is an extended warranty only.

How to claim

In the unfortunate event that you are required to claim under warranty. Contact Tabee Networking Limited via any of the methods below;

Email us:

Go online to:

Write to us at: Tabee Networking Limited, 489-491 CASTLE PEAK ROAD,  UNIT A13, RM1 12/F, BLOCK A,  HKIC, Hong Kong

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