Introduction to your networking’ Secret Power

Tabee isn’t ‘yet another contact list’, Tabee is your networking Secret Power.

Sometimes we add contacts then just forget them – of course we don’t intend to, but it just happens. Tabee helps you bring networking to a new level: with it, you never forget where you met a person, what you talked about or planned to work on.

Using the app is easy: just import your contact list and, from then on, you can sort contacts with Custom Tagging, adding Comments or To-Do lists under each record, all of this with just your voice – the app converts your voice to text. 

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Tabee makes your emailout smoother, with an Email Tracking feature that notifies you when your email is opened by its recipient. When you need to find a person on the internet, use Tabee’s Social Look-Up and, in a sec, bing!: there’s your new friend on Facebook.

Add Events and never again forget where you met someone, then Filter according to places and occasions. Add some magic or, to be exact, magic links and whoooosh! you’ve exported dynamic CSV contact lists according to the filter you’ve chosen.

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And Tabee helps you Go Green: it’s the perfect tool to digitalise business cards, either those of your contacts or your own (and in any language you choose). For every 500 such cards, we will plant a tree on your behalf!

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You don’t want to have to open the app every time you need to make a call? Don’t’ worry, Tabee is supported by Call ID / Spotlight Search, so all contacts are just a few clicks away. The app also lets you know who’s calling you.

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Stay more than in touch with Tabee!


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